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Bamboo - The Amazing Grass - Amazing and rare tropical species are pictured in 72 color photos. This book introduces the bamboos of Southeast Asia, a region well known for its incredible range of bamboo utilization and diversity. The author, a bamboo specialist in Malaysia, discusses the salient aspects of bamboo structure, biology and conservation and provides brief perspectives into the sometimes difficult tasks of bamboo classification and identification.

6 X 8.5 in., 80 pp., paperback, glossy archival paper, 72 color photos, Wong, K.M. 2004.  Bamboo – The Amazing Grass. A guide to the diversity and study of      bamboos in Southeast Asia.  International Plant Genetic Resources Institute and University of Malaya, Malaysia.     $20   

 Weight is  10 ozs. Only $9.00 for shipping a single copy by USPS or may be combined with one other small book.

A Compendium of Chinese Bamboo This is the book we have all been waiting for. As expected, the experts from China have crafted a classic volume based on clear descriptions and the best photos of mature bamboo species I have ever seen in one place. Altogether, 39 genera and more than 500 species are included in this book. The morphological characteristics, geographical distribution and usage of every species is described fully and accurately. The compendium is the most complete monograph in the field of bamboo research up to the present. There are more than 400 color photos displaying 31 genera, 209 species and 50 varieties and forms. Most of the photos are close up views of bamboo shoots allowing for their use in bamboo identification. Many of the photos show the leaf, flower and culm distribution. A lot of the bamboo photographs are of beautiful species and varieties that have never been seen in the U.S.A.
A Compendium of Chinese Bamboo is 242 pages, 8.5 X 11 in., Glossy paper and hardbound, 1994.  SOLD OUT

Catalog of the Bambouserie Prafrance (English) - The very well done catalog of Europe's largest bamboo plantation and nursery. Beautiful color photos and illustrated key.
5 X 11.5 in., 95 pages, glossy and paperback, covers 168 species and more.  $15

Weight is 14 ozs. Only $9.00 for shipping a single copy by USPS or may be combined with one other small book.

NEW BOOK -   Discovering Bamboo - Northwest nurserywoman, Jackie Heinricher published a nice catalog useful to all gardeners who have caught the bamboo bug. Considering there are hundreds of bamboo species and varieties availbale to the gardener, she has listed 28 clumping and 29 running popular bamboos species. Plenty for most gardeners and their landscapes in temperate and mild Pacific Coast climates. Lots of "How to" information to get you started. I personally like the  selection guide to  help narrow down the choices.

7 X 11 in., 82 pages, glossy paper, paperback, 186 color photos, 2006 SOLD OUT


1985 Recent Research on Bamboos - Proceedings of the International Bamboo Workshop, Hangzhou, People's Republic of China-October 6-14, 1985.
Since Hangzhou, there have been numerous International Bamboo Workshops: 1988 - Cochin, India, 1991 - Chiangmai , Thailand, 1995 - Ubud, Bali and San Jose, Costa Rica, 1998. I place great importance on these proceedings from Hangzhou, if only for it being the only one in a temperate region. Many of the papers are on topics of bamboo production with relevance for the new bamboo growers in the USA. The species most represented in the proceedings is Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens or what we call Moso bamboo.
Reprinted with a new cover, Recent Research on Bamboos is available again in the USA. The book is 7.5 X 10 inches, 393 pages, B & W photos, numerous drawings and published jointly by The Chinese Academy of Forestry and the International Development Research Centre of Canada. $10

1988 Bamboos: Current Research Published jointly by the Kerala Forest Research Institute, India and the International Development Research Centre, Canada.
This edition is the latest compilation of research papers presented at the Third International Bamboo Workshops convened at Cochin, India in 1988. As with the previous edition (Recent Research on Bamboos), the book is divided into various aspects of bamboo research. Country reports and bamboo resources papers by predominantly Indian authors outline the state of the bamboo resources in international, regional and ecological niches. The forestry and horticultural fields are represented in chapters devoted to management of bamboo forests, growth and yield of bamboos, propagation of bamboos, and diseases and pests of bamboos. A good percentage of the articles are on bamboo preservation treatments, physical properties of bamboo and its fiber. Bamboo as a building material for housing with a structural design code is described. Bamboo paper, board, pipe for water supply and the economics of bamboo based industry in the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asian region outline bamboo affairs in that part of the world.
Bamboo: Current Research is 384 pages with numerous BW photographs. A quality publication! 8 X 10 in.. Soft cover. 1990 $10

1991 Bamboo in Asia and the Pacific Reprinted. This is an excellent book containing the proceedings of the 1991 International Bamboo Workshop held in Chiangmai, Thailand. The broad area of participation includes most of Southeast Asia and the clumping bamboos of economic importance. Excellent articles on micropropagation, bamboo agroforestry and newer methods of making bamboo composite materials.
IDRC/FORSPA, 373p, 8 1/2 X 11 in. $10
The above 3 book set - $25


Bamboo Building Essentials: The Eleven Basic Principles
by Architects Darrel DeBoer and Megan Groth
A nice guide for the using bamboo as a building materal. The myriad photos show many beautiful examples from around the world. The book provides anyone and everyone with the design tools to build more efficient and elegant bamboo structures. The topics include: selecting the right species, cutting and storing culms, preservation procedures, designing with triangles, joinery techniques and more...
110 pages with 281 color photos and drawings, 7.5X8 inches, paperback, 2010

Only $9.00 for shipping a single copy by USPS or m
ay be combined with one other small book.

Bamboo: The Gift of the Gods -Oscar Hidalgo's New Bamboo Construction Book.
The bamboo user's textbook from the world famous Colombian architect. His lifetime work is compiled for easy search and interesting reading. His interest in Guadua bamboo began forty years ago while he was a student. Now this experience is presented from the ground up. The plant of 1000 uses starts from the basics of growing and understanding how and where the plant grows. Sequential chapters discuss the properties of the usable bamboo culm and processing bamboo into the many types of products we have grown to love. His love for bamboo is expressed throughout the book while sharing the culture of bamboo he documents so well from around the world.
Hardbound, 8.5 X 10.5 in., 556 pages, 670 photographs and 1200 line drawings, 2003.

Bamboo Furniture - Phyllostachys aurea: A Manufacturing Process Manual by Virginia Carmiol Umaña of Costa Rica
I first purchased a copy in Spanish at the 1998 International Bamboo Congress in San Jose, Costa Rica. My first impression was "I wish this was in English". My wish has now come true with a bonus, the English version has 12 additional pages of color plates. Architect and author, Virginia Carmiol begins with general bamboo information that is so important for the reader new to bamboo. This includes the categories of utilization we are familiar with: construction, food, architecture, engineering, craft, music, medicine and paper making. She also provides a basic description of bamboo's characteristics as a plant.
    The beneficial theme of Golden bamboo or Phyllostachys aurea is custom made for  North Americans. In many areas, it is considered a pest by the locals. Here is our manual to put all the available Golden bamboo to good use by bamboo craftspeople. Costa Rica's climate ranges from tropical low lands to temperate cloud forest. While Phyllostachys aurea thrives above 6000 feet elevation it will also grow, but smaller, down to about 800 feet. Ms. Carmiol also tells us about Bambusa vulgaris, Dendrocalamus giganteus and the Guaduas. Interestingly, besides the ever popular, G. angustifoia, she also mentions G. aculeata, G. amplexifolia and G. paniculata.
    In the final chapter of Part 1 she tells of the story of bamboo development in Costa Rica. We find how the National Bamboo Project (FUNBAMBU) was established. Brian Erickson is credited by giving the project its own furniture style. However, earlier credit for the use of bamboo and furniture styles came from the Taiwan Technical Crafts Mission created in 1981. Even as early as the 70's, the University of Costa Rica through architect Rafael Angel Garcia and agronomist Mayra Montiel began developing interest in bamboo.
    It is noted that the government's efforts were primarily on species beneficial for the  construction of housing - these being Guadua and Dendrocalamus. In Costa Rica (and in Mexico) there are established artisan centers producing furniture from Phyllostachys aurea that vainly seek government support. These craftspeople are facing design problems, overharvesting and pressure from outside bamboo cutters, low wages, and cheap imports from China and Korea.
    The rest of the book is devoted to the specifics of Phyllostachys aurea and the crafting of bamboo furniture. She begins with the botanical characteristics, cultivation, climate and plantation care, then moves on to describe the harvesting, processing, drying and curing the Golden bamboo culms. The bamboo furniture design is mostly of a traditional Chinese style, as taught by the Taiwan Mission. It is constructed entirely with simple tools. Great detail is spent on the steps required to build the furniture. These steps include cutting, perforations, curves, bending, assembly, pinning, joints, channels, binding, ties and ergonomic dimensions. Examples are given of chairs, tables, beds, panels, shelves, stands, mirrors, folding screens and more. Most of the examples represent the work of the Retana brothers' factory located near the City of San Isidro de General.
The book is highly illustrated in a step-by-step manner with drawings and photographs. There are 182 B&W photos and illustrations. The English version includes 31 color plates (Spanish does not). It is paper back and printed on glossy paper. The dimensions are 8.5 X 8.5 inches. It consists of 182 pages. LAST COPIES IN PRINT!

Weight is  16 ozs.
Only $9.00 for shipping a single copy by USPS or may be combined with one other small book.


Hardy Bamboo: Taming the Dragon by Paul Whittaker. A complete guide to growing bamboo for the temperate gardner. The author discusses all aspects from clumping to running bamboo. A large space is devoted to species descriptions with fantastic photos. He also takes great care to educate the gardner in bamboo growing patterns, culture and use. He provides various species use lists for many garden stuations. 300 pages, hardbound, 221 color photos, 165 line drawings, 3 maps, 7 X 10 in. $34

Bamboo for Gardens by Ted Meredith. Let the truth be said, through education and brilliant photography Ted Meredith overwhelms the fears of planting bamboo. This is the grail guidebook for selecting the correct bamboo for the landscape situation. All of the horticultural factors of bamboo are delivered in one beautifully illustrated and easily read bamboo garden book! Autographed by the author!
408 pages, hardbound, 160 color photos and 5 illustrations, 7 X 10 in. $30

The Gardeners Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos by Michael Bell An invaluable guide to bamboos, this book covers their cultivation, history, Propagation, and garden care. Superb photographs aid identification, and it has an A-Z listing plus appendices on bamboos for special purposes and where to see and buy them.
160 pages, hardbound or paperback, 70 color photos and 10 illustrations, 7 X 9.5 in.
Hardbound $25  Paperback  $20

Bamboos by Christine Recht and Max F. Wetterwald Bamboos are fascinating for their utility, beauty and elegance, for their variety of form, and for their symbolic importance in Asian culture. This book provides all the necessary information to successfully plant and grow bamboo in the garden. It includes chapters on the uses of bamboo; morphology and structure; characteristics of the major genera; species and cultivars for the garden; planting and cultivation; garden design with bamboos; bamboos in containers; bamboo as a raw material; and problems encountered in cultivation. The book is a good basic primer for the beginning 'bambusiast'. Photographs show many of the species carried in the Tradewinds Catalog.
Bamboos is 160 pages, 68 color plates, 7 b/w photos, 25 drawings, 8 X 10 in., Hardbound. 1992 $30

The Book of Bamboo by David Farrelly Shows how bamboo has been used for thousands of years and its importance for sustainable food and fiber production in the future. Culturally appealing and eclectic!
332 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 in., B&W drawings, softbound. Reprinted in 1984. SOLD OUT -


The Bamboo Handbook - by Durnford Dart -This practical guide for growing bamboo provides detailed,accurate and valuable information for existing or prospective growers. More like a farmers guide, the economics of growing bamboo on the farm are spread over 5 years (Bambusa balcooa, B. oldhamii, Dendrocalamus asper, D. brandsii, D. latiflorus, Gigantochloa atter, Phyllostachys pubescens and P. bambusoides) with tables detailing expenses and income in Australia. With this in hand the bamboo grower may see the endless possibilities for environmental enhancement and the establishment of potentially profitable products and business. NO OTHER BOOK DETAILS THE START UP COST IN ESTABLISHING A BAMBOO FARM. In Australian English.
Paperback, 6.5 X9.5 in., 43 color photos, 14 tables, Species lists, 120 pages.  $30

Weight is 11 ozs. Only $8.00 for shipping a single copy by USPS or may be combined with one other small book.

Bamboo Rediscovered by Victor Cusak -The book is divided into three parts: Part 1, Choosing and Growing Non-invasive Bamboo, Part 2, Bamboo Uses and Simple Technology and Part 3, Culture, Tradition and Uses. All the information needed for a beginner to start off with bamboo. Yet, the experienced grower will find Victor's species list and descriptions invaluable.
Paperback. B&W photos by Dierdre Stewart (Victor's wife), many excellent illustrations, 9 X 11 in., 95 pages.  $20

Weight is 10 ozs. Only $9.00 for shipping a single copy by USPS or may be combined with one other small book.

Bamboo World by Victor Cusak and Dierdre Stewart. Victor's latest book is a much expanded glossy production of his previous publication "Bamboo Rediscovered". It is a colorful Bamboo World, filled with more than 200 colour photos, many of exotic species photographed all around the world by Victor's wife, Deirdre Stewart. With 230 information packed pages and 66 illustrations, it is a marathon of bamboo information. Well, the species are half of the bamboo world. The clumping species of bamboo inhabit these pages in all their glory; big, fast growing and tropical to sub tropical in climate. Chapters start with the advantage of clumping bamboo over runners and go on to their growing and use. Did I mention the amazing photographs! The 'using bamboo' chapters are actually a big "how to" book on there own, and the simple techniques work for runners or clumpers. Make a shakuhachi flute or an Indonesian xylophone, build beautiful furniture (complete with designs), or water toys; study advanced edible shoot or timber plantation technology, harvest and cure your own timber culms. It covers shoot preparation and cooking, recipes, making your own bamboo paper, building, architecture; it's all there in extraordinary but simple detail, and beautifully illustrated!
When you are finished building then review the bamboo recipes for dinner.
Bamboo World is 8.5 X 11 in., hard cover, 200+ excellent color photos and drawings, 228 pages.  SOLD OUT

The Bamboos by F. A. McClure -The indispensible classic on bamboo by America's most famous bamboo expert. Contains a wealth of information on the study of bamboo.
6 X 9 in., 368 pages, 60 B&W illustrations. $25


The Anatomy of Bamboo Culms by Walter Liese (ISBN 81-86247-26-2) Prof. Liese is a 50 year veteran of bamboo research. This book contains the bulk of his work studying and interpreting the cellular structure of bamboo. Numerous electron micrographs reveal the secrets of bamboo's extraordinary strength. A reference text for those studying bamboo's application to various products. A piece of art for those interesting in functional design.
Anatomy of Bamboo Culms is 7 X 9 in., B&W and color photos, 200 pages.  $30

Diseases of Bamboos in Asia INBAR Tech. #10 ISBN 81-86247-20-3 Insect Pests of Bamboos in Asia INBAR Tech. #13 ISBN 81-86247-20-8 "The above books are the only complete bug and disease books I have seen on bamboo". A cursory read suggested several questions right off-variegation on young Bambusa and Dendrocalamus seedlings caused by the mosaic virus?, black culm spots caused by fungus? Twelve species of bamboo mites and quantified damage information.
Diseases is 7.5 X9.5 in., excellent color photos, nursery and grove disease categories, 228 pages. Insect Pests is 7.5 X9.5 in., excellent color photos, Insect category lists, 200 pages.  $30 each, $50 for 2 book set


Bamboo and the Pacific Northwest
(A high resolution copy is available on CD) -  $10

The Journal of the American Bamboo Society
- Rare Original Copies -

Volume 1
52 p. 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 in.,1980
-Statement of Organization and Purpose
-Kenneth Brennecke - A Survey of U.S.D.A. Bamboo Introductions
-Kenneth Brennecke - Propagation of Bamboo by Vegetative Fractions
-The A. B. S. Bamboo Collection
-Jacques Yovane - Letter to the Editor
-Clone Registration
-Obituary [Tanso Ishihara]
-Richard Haubrich - The American Bamboos: Part I, Species cultivated in the U.S., Part II Natives of Costa Rica
-George A. White - Importation of Bamboo Propagules into the United States
-Robert D. Fabel-Ward Report on the Flowering and Fruiting of Arundinaria angustifolia (Mit.) Houz. de Leh.
-Clone Registration 1980
-Richard Haubrich - Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States Part I: The genus Phyllostachys $10

Volume 2
71 p. 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 in.,1981
-Society Objectives
-Richard Haubrich - Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States. Part II: Giant Tropical Clumping Bamboos, Part III: The Sasas
-Max Riedelsheimer - Some Preliminary Notes on the Culture of Bamboo in South Bavaria
-Jim Smith - Some Cold Hardiness Observations on the Temperate Bamboos. Part I - Western New York
-Stephen M. Young - Observations on the Morphological Variations and Distribution of Bambusa guadua Humb. et Bonpl. in Ecuador
-Richard Haubrich - A Selected, Annotated Bibliography on Bamboo
-Richard Haubrich - A Glossary of Bamboo Terms -Clone Registration 1981 $10

Volume 3
90 p. 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 in.,1982
-Society Objectives
-Jinsaburo Oshima - The Culture of Moso Bamboo in Japan
-W. C. Adamson, -M. O. Bagby and W. B. Roth-
-Oil, Polyphenol, and Hydrocarbon Content in Culms of Phyllostachys Species
-David McClintock - Arundinaria simonii Variegata
-Qui Fu-geng - Phyllostachys pubescens in China
-Richard Haubrich - Handbook of Bamboos Cultivated in the United States - Part IV: Mountain Bamboos of the Old World
-Sulpiz Kurz - Bamboo and its Use
-Clone Registration 1982 $10

Volume 4
83 p. 7 X 10 in., 1983
-J. J. N. Campbell & Z. S. Qin - Interaction of Giant Pandas, Bamboos and People
-Earle Barnhart - Letter to the Editor
-D. Ohrnberger - The Genera of Bamboo, An Alphabetical Compilation of All Known Generic Names
-D. Ohrnberger and J. Goerrings - The Bamboos of the World - A Preliminary Study of the Names and Distribution of the Herbaceous and Woody Bamboos (Bambusoideae Nees v. Esenb.) Documented in Lists and Maps. Genus Sasaella
-Richard Pohl - Letter to the Editor $10

Volume 5
86 p. 7 X 10 in., 1984
-D. Ohrnberger and J. Goerrings - The Bamboos of the World - A Preliminary Study of the Names and Distribution of the Herbaceous and Woody Bamboos (Bambusoideae Nees v. Esenb.) Documented in Lists and Maps. Genus Chusquea -Stephen M. Young - The Flowering of Bambusa paniculata (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) in Southern Mexico
-D. Ohrnberger - Errata
-Elizabeth A. Widjaja - Ethnobotanical Notes on Gigantochloa in Indonesia with Special Reference to G. apus
-L. G. Clark - Notes on Two Viny West Indian Bamboos
-Wen Yue Hsiung - Growth Pattern of Monopodial Rhizomes of Bamboo Plants
-Y. Y. Cheung, S. G. Cooper, T. J. Hansken and Y. C. Cheung - Research on the Raising of Phyllstachys pubescens Seedlings $10

Volume 6
118 p. 7 X 10 in., 1985
-Proceedings of the First International Bamboo Conference, Introduction and List of Participants
-Thomas R. Soderstrom - Bamboo Systematics, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
-Julian J. N. Campbell - Bamboo Flowering Patterns: a Global View with Special Reference to East Asia
-G. F. Deitzer, T. R. Soderstrom and D. K. Edelman - Flowering Physiology of Bamboo in Puerto Rico
-D. K. Edelman, T. R. Soderstrom and G. F. Deitzer - Bamboo Introduction and Research in Puerto Rico
-Yves Crouzet - The Bambuseraie of Prafrance and the Distribution of Bamboo
-Dicken Castro - Contemporary Perspectives for the Use of Bamboo
-Jorge A. Moran Ubidia - The Use of Bamboo in Ecuador: Past, Present and Future
-Wen Tai-Hui - Some Ideas about the Origin of Bamboos
-Yi Tong-Pei - The Classification and Distribution of Bamboos Eaten by the Giant Panda in the Wild -Lin Wei-chih - The Chinese Technical Assistance Programs Concerning Bamboo in Costa Rica $15

Volume 7
#1-2, 29 p. 1989
-K. M. Wong - Current and Potential Uses of Bamboo in Peninsular Malaysia
-Richard W. Pohl - Method for Obtaining Vegetative Chromosome Counts of Bamboos
-Gary Mitchell - Notes on Bamboo Survivability in the Pahrump Valley
-Michael L. O'Brien - An Interior Installation of Moso Bamboo $10

Volume 8
#1-2, 213 p. 1991
-Proceedings of the Second International Bamboo Conference and List of Participants
-Julian J. N. Campbell - Sino-Himalayan Bamboos: Towards a Synthesis of Western and Eastern Knowledge
-Isabelle Valade & Zulkifli Dahlan - Approaching the Underground Development of a Bamboo with Leptomorph Rhizomes: Phyllostachys viridis (Young) McClure
-Koon Ming Wong -The Growth Architecture and Ecology of some Tropical Bamboos
-Fred M. Schlegel - Growth Behavior of Chusquea culeou Desv. in South Central Chile
-Pascal Dabadie, Philippe de Reffye, & Pierre Dinouard - Modelling Bamboo Growth and Architecture:
Phyllostachys viridi-glaucescens
Riviere A. et C.
-Claude Rifat - Measurement of Tesselations in Different Bamboos
-Stephen M. Young - Bamboos in American Botanic Gardens Past, Present, and Future
-Emmet Judziewicz and Lynn Clark - An Overview of the Diversity of New World Bamboos
-David McClintock - Problems in Naming Temperate Bamboos
-Elizabeth A. Widjaja - Socio-Ecological Observations of Bamboo Forests in Indonesia
-Gerald Bol - Collecting New World Bamboos -Wolfgang Eberts - The Progress of Bamboo in the Federal Republic of Germany
-Elizabeth A. Widjaja - The Peculiar Preparation of Bamboo Shoots for Culinary Purposes in Indonesia
-Walter Liese - Progress in Bamboo Research
-Wenyue Hsiung - Prospects for Bamboo Development in the World
-Peter Bindon - Ethnographic and other Uses of Australian Bamboo Resources
-T. N. Lipangile - Manufacture and Construction of Bamboo Water Supply Systems
-David Farrelly - The Need for Bamboo Promotion
-Ximena Londoño - Preliminary Collection Data and Information for the Native Colombian Bamboo Project
-Kiyoshi Yasui - International Exchange Through Bamboo
-Michael Hirsh - An Open Letter to All Who Attended IBC88 and All Those Who Wish They Had  $15

Volume 9
#1-2, 42 p. 1992
-M. K. Alam - A Note on the Taxonomic Problems, Ecology, and Distribution of Bamboos in Bangladesh
-Qiu Fugeng & Ma Naixun - Selection of Cold Resistant Economic Bamboo Species in China
-A. Sood, O.P. Sharma, & L.M.S. Palni - Improved Methods of Propagation of Maggar Bamboo (Dendrocalamus hamiltonii) Using Single Node Cuttings taken from Juvenile culms of Elite Seedlings
-Zhang Weiping - The Classification of Bambusoideae (Poaceae) in China $12

Volume 10
#1-2, 27 p. 1993
-Gerald F. Guala II - Cyanogenesis in the Bamboos: A Phylogenetic Perspective
-Chi-Ju Hsueh and De-Zhu Li: Five Genera of Bambusoideae (Gramineae) Recently Discovered in Yunnan, China
-Punya P. Poudyal - Fodder Value of Some Bamboo Species of the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal
-Margaret J. Stern - Bamboo Parasites - The occurrence of gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on Guadua and Fargesia $10

Volume 11
#1-2, 80 p. 1994
-Wen Taihui - The Taxonomy and cultivation of Chimonobambusa Makino $10

Volume 12
7 X10 in., 53 pages, B&W photos.
-Y. Widmer-Flowering Phenology of Chusquea Bamboos with Special Reference to C. talamancensis in Costa Rica
- C. Stapleton-Form and Function in the Bamboo Rhizome
-T. Sekar et al.- Vegatative Propagation of an Ornamental Bamboo, Bambusa vulgaris cv. Wamin by Branch Cuttings
- X. Londono-A Decade of Observations of a Guadua angustifolia Plantation in Columbia
- T. Sekar et al.-Diversity of Culm Bundles in Bambusa vulgaris $10

Volume 13
7 X10 in., 28 pages, Color photos.
-S. Jolly, K. R. Yadav, R. K. Sharma, R. M. Kothari and V. Ramamurthy: Response of Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees Seedlings to Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Regulator
- Phillip Stager: Bamboo and Philately
- Instructions to Contributors  $10