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    Prices, photos and descriptions are listed where applicable in the on-line catalog.
    Order early for the best selection. We suggest where spring comes late to specify a ship date. Please include substitute choices or contact us before ordering. We specialize in careful handling and packing to insure the arrival of your plants in good growing condition.


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    We do not ship plants internationally. We ship BOOKS and TOOLS to other countries.
Potted Bamboo Specifications

The  plastic pots or container sizes for mail order are as follows:

#1 container is 6 1/2" X 6". Bamboo height will range from 12 "-18" for dwarf sizes to 18"- 48" tall for taller plants.

#2 container is 8 1/2" X 8". Bamboo height will range from 24" to 72" tall.

#3 container is 10 1/2" X 10". Bamboo height will range from 36" to 120" tall.
Average container weights: #1 size is 5 lbs., #2 size is 10 lbs., and #3 size is 15 lbs. All container plants are grown in a soil less potting mix as required for interstate shipping.

Cold and Heat Hardiness Classes

     Temperate bamboos are those hardy to 0 degrees F or lower. These can be grown in winter areas where snow is a common occurrence.
      Sub-tropical bamboos are cold hardy to short periods with temperatures from 15-20 degrees F.
      Tropical bamboos are the most sensitive to cold of any kind. Most do not like to be at temperatures below 50 degrees F for any length of time and may suffer extreme damage at temperatures of 26-32 degrees F. We grow tropical bamboos in a greenhouse. Please "harden these off" by placing the plants in a wind protected and shaded outdoor environment after unboxing for a period of two weeks. Water all plants as soon as you receive them.
    There is another classification of plants with hardiness characteristics defined as Mountain Bamboos. Many of these are from the Himalayas of Asia and the Andes of South America. Although hardier than many of the sub-tropical species, they lack the tolerance for summer heat found in many parts of our country: for example, Texas or Florida. However, due to the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean these bamboo will thrive in coastal Southern California. All of the areas where the mountain bamboo will grow may not be known. Unless you are on the Pacific Coast or growing the hardiest species in the mid-Atlantic or New England states you are warned to try these at your own risk.

Additional Information

    Dwarf and most shrub bamboo are mostly grown in the #1 and #2 size containers. The majority of our larger bamboo is grown in the #2 and #3 size containers. Most plants will have multiple culms (canes). A few may have one culm and a new shoot. The plants you receive are generously rooted in the container and ready to plant out or repot.
    Sometimes the tallest plants may need to be "topped" to conform to UPS and Priority Mail shipping specifications and box sizes. Most bamboo can be bent to fit into the box without cutting the tops. The general rule is temperate or cold hardy species bend very nicely but the tropicals do not and may be topped to fit. Specify "no topping" if desired and we will select accordingly.
    Specimen size plants of the taller bamboo are available. Prices are on a quotation basis. Container sizes are 5, 7, 10, 15 gallon and 20 gallon tub.

Using the Catalog/Price List    

Bamboo name
is the botanical or scientific name. Some common names include American, Japanese, Chinese or Thai names. Size & Price: #1=1 gal. container, #2 = 2 gal. and #3 = 3 gal. tub and other is a size like #7or #15. It is advisable check availability before ordering plants and list a substitute size or another bamboo in the COMMENTS SECTION of the order form. It is best to give permission to change size or list a substitute here also. There is very limited availability on some species. Any of the listed species may be sold out at any time.